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Watermelon (Shiny Boy)

Shiny Boy caught our eye in our test plots because of its exceptional yield potential, outstanding flesh color, and excellent flavor and sweetness. Its oblong-shaped fruit have a attractive green rind with dark green stripes. The 15 to 17 lb. fruit are produced on vigorous vines that hold up well to variable weather conditions and produce good, early yields. When you cut the fruit open you’ll be amazed at its deep red colored flesh, crisp

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Watermelon (Yellow Doll)

Yellow Doll is an extra early hybrid watermelon that will have your customers raving about it’s sweet yellow flesh. The semi-compact vines produce round to oval medium green melons with dark green stripes, averaging 5 to 7 pounds each. It’s high quality is recommended for local sales, but because of its thin rind, it’s not recommended for shipping.

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Strawberry (Albion)

Day-neutral strawberry with very large berries. Conical-shaped berries with excellent flavor. Compared to Seascape, Albion bears larger and slightly firmer berries

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Strawberry (Earliglow)

The early-season standard. Medium-size berries with excellent flavor and good color; suitable for fresh use or freezing. Berry size is usually smaller on later sets.

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Melon (Rockstar)

This second early, Eastern shipper has an outstanding eating quality and the disease package needed to produce high yields. With Rockstar’s uniform sized 5 to 7 lb. fruit, high yield potential and great holding ability, it makes a perfect addition to any melon growing program. Its exterior has slight sutures and medium netting. The orange flesh is firm and consistently produces high sugar levels.

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