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Our locally sourced ingredients that make up the foundation of your “100% locally sourced, ultra-premium, menu add-on options. What makes them ultra premium? It’s all in the beef…and the bacon…and the cheese and the egg and the bun. We manage all supply chain and logistics for weekly deliveries of all ingredients, including fresh weekly bakery; and our low target quotas and high returns make it the perfect addition to any menu. Subscriptions are 12 weeks, with deliveries Friday morning and early afternoon, to ensure your orders arrive fresh but also in time for Friday dinner. No phone calls to make, no inventory to manage and guaranteed returns.

Branded POS Marketing: Custom digital, posters, table tents or menu inserts provided; and if it wasn’t easy enough. “Dominic the food reviewer” includes a visit and write up on your 5ive Supply menu add-ons to his 14,000+ followers. As we encourage each location to “put their spin on it” restaurants will be featured on a designated landing page for our subscriber base on our website and get weekly marketing through our social media outlets as well.

Contact our Territory Sales Manager, Tracey, to book a consultation. She will take you through a comprehensive spreadsheet showing your margins and associated quotas as well as show you the benefits of a goal-based ordering:

you may also fill out the contact form below and someone will be in contact with you shortly.

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