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Watermelon (Shiny Boy)

Shiny Boy caught our eye in our test plots because of its exceptional yield potential, outstanding flesh color, and excellent flavor and sweetness. Its oblong-shaped fruit have a attractive green rind with dark green stripes. The 15 to 17 lb. fruit are produced on vigorous vines that hold up well to variable weather conditions and produce good, early yields. When you cut the fruit open you’ll be amazed at its deep red colored flesh, crisp

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Watermelon (Yellow Doll)

Yellow Doll is an extra early hybrid watermelon that will have your customers raving about it’s sweet yellow flesh. The semi-compact vines produce round to oval medium green melons with dark green stripes, averaging 5 to 7 pounds each. It’s high quality is recommended for local sales, but because of its thin rind, it’s not recommended for shipping.

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Pepper (Mad Hatter)

Commonly used in Bolivian and Peruvian cuisine, these unique peppers have a refreshing, citrusy floral flavor that remains sweet, only occasionally expressing mild heat near the seeds.

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Pea (Sugar Sprint)

Sugar Sprint produces excellent early yields of edible, stringless pods that are sweet and tender. The compact 26″ vine has intermediate resistance to PEV and PM, averages two pods per node, and lends itself well to either ground or short stake production. The 3″ pods can be enjoyed fresh off the vine, steamed or used in stir-fry.

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Spinach (Escalade)

Thick dark green leaves with a very slight savoy are very slow to bolt and offer excellent field holding ability. Expect outstanding yields for baby leaf and bunching. Escalade can be grown in the spring and fall, but summer is the stand out season.

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Pea (Oregon Sugar Pod)

An early edible-podded flat snow pea with a 24 to 28″ vine that produces continuous yields of large, broad pods. Oregon Sugar Pod #2 is delicious steamed or used fresh. Easy to grow without trellising. Released by Oregon State University.

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Spinach (Regiment)

Dark green mildly savoy traditional triangular leaves make nice full heads for bunching. Very good seedling vigor and excellent cold soil tolerance are vital for both spring and fall sowing

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Pepper (Sweet Sunset)

A hybrid sweet banana pepper that is vigorous, disease resistant and sets big yields on upright, compact plants. The sweet, tapered fruit ripen from light green to red.

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Pepper (Ace)

Huge yields of medium sized 3-4 lobed fruits. Has apparent tolerance to blossom drop as nearly every flower produces a pepper. Widely adapted but performs particularly well in cool climates where bell peppers are difficult to grow successfully. Best for early crops and particularly good for pack sales.

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Pepper (Jupiter)

Known for its jumbo size, this 4-lobed sweet pepper ripens green to red and has nice thick walls that stand up to stuffing or freezing

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