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Squash (Spaghetti)

This unusual winter squash produces spaghetti-like strands of flesh, which add interesting variety to your fall and winter offering. The oblong fruit are 8 to 10″ long and turn yellow when ripe. Vegetable Spaghetti is a good keeper and can be stored for several months. Try it for something a little different this year.

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Pepper (Ace)

Huge yields of medium sized 3-4 lobed fruits. Has apparent tolerance to blossom drop as nearly every flower produces a pepper. Widely adapted but performs particularly well in cool climates where bell peppers are difficult to grow successfully. Best for early crops and particularly good for pack sales.

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Melon (Rockstar)

This second early, Eastern shipper has an outstanding eating quality and the disease package needed to produce high yields. With Rockstar’s uniform sized 5 to 7 lb. fruit, high yield potential and great holding ability, it makes a perfect addition to any melon growing program. Its exterior has slight sutures and medium netting. The orange flesh is firm and consistently produces high sugar levels.

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Lettuce (Sangria)

Sangria MTO lettuce is a beautiful red butterhead lettuce that is resistant to bolting and tipburn. Large round heads have smooth bright green leaves tinged with red. The red coloring is more intense in the spring. Sangria MTO Lettuce is tender and flavorful.

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Lettuce (Royal Oak Leaf)

This variety caught our attention because of its darker green color and improved uniformity over the standard Oakleaf. Large plants produce deep lobed leaves that have a rich green color and attractive shine. Also slower to bolt than the standard Oakleaf.

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Lettuce (Muir)

The sweet crispy light green leaves of this slow growing variety are upright and form a well filled heart. Plants are strong against bolting and tip burn.

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Lettuce (Lola Rossa Darkness)

Lolla Rossa Darkness is an ideal variety to grow for salad mixes. Its intense red color and tightly curled leaf add a splash of color, texture and loft to salad or greens mixes. Lolla Rossa Darkness has a compact plant habit and holds its dark red color, even under stressful growing conditions.

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