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Celery (Tango)

Very smooth stalks produce heavy yields with excellent eating quality and no stringiness. Medium tall 18 – 20” plants are self-blanching

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Chives (Green)

Smooth, slender, hollow leaves grow 1 to 1-1/2′ long in clumps and give mild onion-like flavor to soups, sauces, eggs and potatoes

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Cucumber (Little Leaf Pickling)

Blocky, medium-length (3–5″) fruits are good for fresh eating. They pickle well and have a distinctive, bright emerald green color. Vines are compact, multibranching, and yield well even under stress. Half normal-sized leaves provide easy visibility and harvesting.

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Brocolli (Gypsy)

Good heat tolerance and holding ability make Gypsy broccoli a winner for either spring or fall plantings. It also offers better uniformity and head shape than older varieties in this slot. Vigorous plants yield smooth domed heads with an attractive medium green color and a medium small bead. An excellent variety for either fresh market bunching or crown cut use. Intermediate resistance to Downy Mildew. Patent 6118046.

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Lettuce (Buttercrunch)

Buttercrunch has been a favorite of home gardeners and fresh market growers for years. Loosely folded center leaves form a high quality heart of sweet, crisp, tender ribs. The dark green, thick outer leaves make an attractive Bibb type. It is quite vigorous, yet stands well in all seasons.

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Lettuce (Green Salad Bowl)

Heat tolerant Salad Bowl is the best loose-leaf lettuce we know for roadside sales. It holds its flavor and fine texture despite summer heat, and it stays in prime harvest condition for an extended time. Each plant makes a decorative rosette of wavy, notched leaves that are always tender, sweet, and delicious.

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