5ive Burger Program

$453.50 / Week for 12 weeks

The 5ive burger, by 5ive seasons farm.  the one-stop-shop for local restaurants, who want to provide their customers with a 100% locally sourced and small family farm certified burger.  There are no orders to place, no inventory to manage and fixed returns based on realistic daily sales goals.  we offer our program in three MSRP tiers to allow you to keep pricing consistent with your customer base. Contact Jason @ 4146879387 or email: jasonyets@5iveseasonsfarm.com to schedule your initial consultation. deliveries are made every Friday, for 12 weeks. At the end of your 12-week subscription, you may opt-in for another 12 weeks or make it a permanent part of your menu.



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First payment: October 7, 2023

Bun: Peter Sciortino bakery in west allis and baked fresh weekly.  Buns come in bags of 12, vacuum sealed.  buns are delivered fresh the morning of delivery.  7-day shelf life endorsed by bakery.

Ground Beef: 5ive seasons farm, contains all cuts from the animal apart from the ribeye, NYS and fillet. Naturally raised on grass and wild forage; and corn finished for a superior flavor. (Prime cuts also available)

Bacon: 5ive seasons farm, our pastured pork is naturally raised and processed right here in WI.

Eggs: 5ive seasons farm, pasture raised. The abundance of natural forage our hens get gives the yokes that beautiful orange color and the flavor is unsurpassed.

Cheese: Two Guernsey girl’s creamery, comes vacuum sealed in 14oz packages of curds or 7 slice packages.


<<<Menu example:

The 5ive Burger, five perfectly sourced, local ingredients that make up the best burger in the city.  We Start with a fresh brioche bun, brought to you from Peter Scotino bakery in West Allis.  Two 1/4Lb patties with a Pittsburgh inspired sear come straight from Eastman, and there’s no filler meat here folks, this ground beef has all the good stuff; the sirloin, the short rib, the tri-tip…it’s all in there!  Next, we finish it off with fresh cheese from Two guernsey girl’s creamery in Freedom, two strips of thick cut bacon from Prairie De Chien and a perfectly cooked pasture raised egg from Burlington.  5 perfectly fresh, locally sourced ingredients that make the 5 burger the freshest burger in town.

Thanks for supporting small farms right here in Wisconsin. Your purchase of the 5 burger puts your hard-earned dollars right into the pocket of someone just like you, right here in WI!>>>

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