Early Season Gold, Sugar Maple Sap


So delectable, so rare

*Available in very limited supply*


Availability: 17 in stock

*Available in very limited supply*

Early in the spring, right here on our WI family farms, when we all still think it’s winter, the tree roots start pushing sap up to the sky. This early season sap is near impossible to find as it is incredibly labor intensive to monitor and harvest.

With our commitment to the environment, we only pull a single harvest per year, per tree on each of two cycles. That sap is carefully tracked during production to ensure that no two trees and no two cycles ever cross. Providing you with a true single harvest, single burn sap.

Paired with your favorite old fashioned or reduced in a glaze for your birthday pancakes, this is a must have for any real foodie. We promise you’ve never tasted anything like it. Comes shelf stable packed in 4oz. Jars. Refrigerate after opening. $9/oz

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