Ground Beef (1lb)


Quite simply the highest quality**, ground beef available; and delivered right to your door.  Your order includes one (1) 1Lb* packages, from our partner farm right here in WI.  it doesn’t get any better than this.  Pickup only or delivery with weekly produce box subscription.

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**This is not your average hamburger, this sh!t is gourmet! Unlike every one of our competitors, we put all the good stuff in.  We of course pull the Fillets and Porterhouses (Porterhouse = fillet+new york strip), but everything else goes in.  The sirloin, the brisket, the short rib, it’s all there.  This is quite simply the best ground beef available. Each of our packages of ground beef contains one (1), one pound (1lbs), give or take a smidge, package of the finest beef known to be.

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