Boneless Ribeye 2-Pack


Quite simply the highest quality**, fresh and never frozen steaks available; and delivered right to your door.  Your order includes one (2) 16oz ribeye steaks, from our farm right here in WI.  It just doesn’t get any fresher than this.

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**These are not your grandmas Ribeye’s.  Our Boneless Ribeye’s are all hand selected Steers.  Grass-fed, Corn finished.  Why a Corn finish you ask, because grass finished beef just doesn’t taste as good.  There, I said it.  it’s also the reason you see 100% grass fed beef put through a long dry aging process.  They tell you it’s “the right way to do it” but it’s just compensating for a lower quality cut of beef.  Our steaks are twice aged.  First an in-locker age to allow a proper resting period, resulting is wonderfully tender cuts of meat.  the second aging process happens in the specially packaged and vacuum-sealed bags.  This 10-day wet age gives the steaks that amazing steakhouse quality flavor and tenderness, we then finish wet aging them to 21 days.  We don’t need 45 days to make our steaks the best in the market. *Our Ribeye’s are Huge, cut as thick as possible, up-to a whopping 16oz. each (give or take a smidge, all steaks individually marked with weight).

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